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Wine glass and bottle on a patio table overlooking the ocean


Simply Brilliant Flavors of the Maryland Shore

Private Dining

Join us for an unparalleled waterfront dining experience in one of our Boathouses nestled on the serene banks of the Miles River. Ideal for gatherings of 2 to 4 guests, these exclusive dining retreats offer a picturesque setting as the backdrop to your culinary journey. Settle into the anticipation of a delectable array of locally sourced dishes designed to tantalize your taste buds, all while basking in the soothing ambiance of your private waterfront vista. Whether celebrating a special occasion, marking a milestone, or simply enjoying a cozy gathering with friends, this hidden gem promises an unforgettable dining soiree infused with enchantment.


Delight your palate with seasonal selections and the freshest ingredients from the Eastern Shore, served waterside for a truly memorable dining experience.

Rockfish and clam dish

Farm to table, Eastern Shore style

The Eastern Shore is more than our home, it’s an immense ecosystem that is returning to healthy, sustainable abundance. We work closely with the fishermen, crabbers, oystermen and farmers around us to bring you fresh ingredients that are healthy for you and our region.

We even maintain our own gardens, where we grow the flowers for your room, herbs for our kitchens and bars, even botanicals that we use in the spa.