Stunning New Cocktails at Purser’s Pub

At the Purser’s Pub, diners enjoy a diverse collection of spirits paired with a curated menu of locally-inspired small plates, all created to capture the essence of the Eastern Shore.

To devise our newest cocktail menu, our bartenders spent ten days experimenting with different liquors, mixers and flavors, finally choosing eight recipes that stood above the rest. Featuring fresh, local ingredients prepared each day in-house, these cocktails represent the best of what Inn at Perry Cabin and St. Michaels have to offer.

The Figtini

This refreshing twist on the classic vodka martini features lemon and pomegranate juice mixed with a fresh fig puree.

Commodore Coffee

This energizing treat mixes Bailey’s and Kahlua with cognac and coffee to create a cocktail that’s equal parts sweet and satisfying.

Hibiscus Royal

Elevate your next brunch with this champagne-based cocktail, a light and bubbly delight flavored with fresh hibiscus flower.

Amber Negroni

For our Amber Negroni, we substitute Lillet and Amaro for Sweet Vermouth and Campari, which give this cocktail its distinct amber coloring.

Maple Manhattan

A sweeter, maple-flavored version of a traditional Manhattan, this cocktail is ideal for fall and winter.

The Inn’s Hot Toddy

Nothing warms the bones faster than a hot toddy. Ours draws its satisfying flavors from honey, lemon, freshly-shaved nutmeg and whole cinnamon sticks.

The Inn Sidecar

Fresh grapefruit juice and a grapefruit garnish help our take on the Sidecar stand out.

The Fisher

With a mixture of gin, Aperol and Aleppo pepper, this cocktail has a zing to it that you won’t soon forget.

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